Pros And Cons Of Living In Virginia Beach Virginia

Moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia? Before you do, it's important to do your research and weigh the pros and cons of this popular beach town. From a booming economy to traffic issues, infrastructure challenges to a wide range of activities and entertainment options, there is much to consider when deciding if Virginia Beach is right for you.

So you want to live closer to the beach?  Are you actually thinking about moving to Virginia Beach, Virginia?  If the only thing you know about living in Virginia Beach is the fact that it's along the Atlantic Ocean, then you're probably wondering to yourself what are some of the things you're absolutely going to love about the city?

Virginia Beach has long drawn visitors looking for fun and relaxation along its iconic oceanfront and beaches, but what about if you're considering making that beautiful city your permanent home? There are several advantages as well as some considerations to be aware of when it comes to the pros and cons of living in Virginia Beach.  Additionally I’m also going to go review things that I think aren’t so great about living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Additionally if you want to check out the Pros and Cons of Norfolk or the Pros and Cons of Suffolk, check out my other blog posts.

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Pros of Living in Virginia Beach, Virginia:

  1. Beaches

My #1 pro of living in Virginia Beach, Virginia is the main reason everyone comes to the city.  Virginia Beach has some of the best beaches on the East Coast.  The main beach is along the Atlantic Ocean.  This can be accessed via the Boardwalk in the heart of Virginia Beach, Sandbridge on the southern end of the city, and also at NAS Dam Neck.  The beaches along the  Atlantic Ocean are great for surfing, swimming, finding sea shells, or just spending family time outdoors.  Additionally Virginia Beach is along the Chesapeake Bay at the northern end of the city.  The beaches along the Chesapeake Bay are great for families with smaller children, as the waves and current tend to be much lower.  Also Chix Beach, where the majority of people swim and enjoy the Chesapeake Bay, tends to be much less crowded than the oceanfront.

Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceanfront

   2. Schools

Another pro of living in Virginia Beach, Virginia would definitely be the Schools.  According to, Virginia Beach Public Schools are ranked 7th out of the 131 school districts in Virginia.  Additionally it was given an A as an overall grade on that website.  Virginia Beach has 11 high schools throughout the city in addition to 15 middle schools and 56 elementary schools.  If you have school aged children, the school system is definitely something you want to consider when looking where to live.  Even if you don’t have children this is an important factor as it improves the overall value of the homes in the area.

  1. Outdoor Activities

Another great part of living in Virginia Beach, Virginia would definitely be the many outdoor activities that are available for you and your family.  There are many different parks and  sports fields for you to choose from in addition to the beaches.  Also the Veterans United Home Loan Amphitheater is a great place to catch national performing acts throughout the warmer months of the year.  As I mentioned the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia has many parks to choose from, however one of my favorites is Munden Point Park in the southern area of the city.  This secluded park has a boat launch into the Intercoastal Waterway in addition to frisbee golf, playgrounds, baseball fields, basketball courts, and plenty of picnic areas.

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Cons of Living in Virginia Beach, Virginia:


  1. Tourists


So the #1 Con of living in Virginia Beach, Virginia is actually caused by my previously mentioned #1 Pro, which would be the wonderful beaches. The beaches are the main reason the tourist, which is my #1 con of living in Virginia Beach, are attracted to the area.  During the summer months the oceanfront gets very crowded with tourists and locals alike.  Down at the boardwalk during the summer, parking and traffic can be a challenge to say the least. The city of Virginia Beach relies on the tourism revenue, however due to the overcrowding I feel it can be a major con of the city.

    2.  Traffic


 Traffic in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia is challenging throughout the year.  Whether it’s during the winter time when the city gets an occasional inch of snow, or it’s during the peak season of tourism during the summer, traffic tends to be an issue year round.  Peak times of traffic obviously are during the rush hour timeframes, however the major roads and interstates are congested throughout the day.  Another issue with the traffic, is the seemingly never ending road construction throughout the city. I will also tell you though, traffic is pretty rough in every Hampton Roads city as that is one of the cons of Chesapeake, Virginia too.

According to the website , the average driver in Virginia Beach actually spends 22 hours a year stuck in traffic!  When I read that number I could and couldn't believe it at the same time.  If you are looking to avoid traffic in the city, the southern areas of the city are less populated and therefore have less traffic.

Virginia Beach Virginia Traffic

   3.  Jet Noise


As with every city throughout Hampton Roads, the Military is a big part of living in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The city has 3 different Military bases and one of them is NAS Oceana, which is a Master Jet Base.  The planes fly throughout the day on no particular set schedule and sometimes they fly late into the night.  Seeing the planes fly can be an awesome sight, especially when they have their annual Airshow. However it is something you will want to consider when looking at areas to live in the city. You can find a map of the noise and potential crash zones for NAS Oceana here.

Should you Live in Virginia Beach, Virginia?

As you have seen Virginia Beach, Virginia has a lot to offer that makes it a great place to live.  As with any city, depending on how you look at it there are drawbacks to living in the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Overall I feel the City of Virginia Beach is a great place to live to raise a family and call home.  

If there is anything you thinked I missed or you have any questions about the city please comment below or reach out to me here.


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